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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
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Traditional Art Junkie Stamp by Sylladexter Pen and Ink Stamp by MarinaNeira GIMP Stamp by SparkLum Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear

I am a traditional artist, though I do dabble in digital art on occasion. I mainly use pen (Pilot G-2s, I'm cheap but they are a great pen) and some would say I have more of a tattoo art style of hyper realism. I tend to exaggerate small details, but I find it fun. I am heavily influenced by punk, both the music and the artists (for example, Raymond Pettibon and Winston Smith.) This is apparent in my art, and I have a tendency to draw weird shock and sometimes even political art. If you would be so inclined to commission me, please shoot me a note here or a dm on twitter.

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I woke up at 1 AM, it is now 4 and I'm just sick of trying to go back to sleep. Every time I close my eyes some horrible memories come up or I just start over thinking stuff. The best part is that I've been waking up at 1-2 AM every day for like the last five weeks. Either from bad dreams, some unexplained fear, nausea or anything of that sort. Sometimes I can fall back asleep but I guess I've switched to a schedule that involves getting four half-assed hours of sleep a night? You know what the fuck is sleep, who the hell needs it.
I am not. Not at all. I am not doing better, I am not learning to get over shit. I'm learning to tell everyone I once loved to fuck off, I am learning to hate myself more and more. I am learning how it feels to have the thought of someone make you feel lightheaded and like you might actually puke from disgust. I have also learned that apparently my trust issues could get worse and I doubt I'll ever truly trust anyone again for a long time. I'm learning more and more everyday how I am just a disappointment to my family and how a place I belong does not exist. I have never before longed this badly to punch a brick wall hard enough to shatter every bone in my hand because physical pain has to feel better than mental pain. I've also come to terms with the fact that I will probably never sleep comfortably again. I'm back to how I was before him, just with worse trust issues, some memories to keep me up all night and the inability to become go numb again. I'm a ball of fucking sunshine and I am not okay.
Fox For a Fox (Gift/Trade/Thank You) by FaultlineX
Fox For a Fox (Gift/Trade/Thank You)
My friend is doing some sketches for me, so I drew this for them as a thank you. Because they love foxes.

That light orange sharpie was dying I'm crying
I actually drew two things today...Finally got the shit squad (a droog and a butt plus myself) together on Skype...Reel Big Fish's twitter retweeted my drawing (plus three other people, got ten likes on it)...Finally did one of my four sketchbook assignments... Did a few things around the house (let's be honest, I should do way more but I'm lazy)...And I think I might be able to sleep half-decent tonight again? Today's the best I've had out of this month and that's actually pretty sad when I think about it, because all I got today was my parents screaming and flipping out on me. I'm used to it by now, I've had 16 years of it (and 16 years of having no one but myself to rely on, 16 years of staring at the ceiling all this got dark fast...) Uh sorry don't know what got into me there...
Gonna Look Like I'm Flying by FaultlineX
Gonna Look Like I'm Flying
"Sky is falling!
It's alright, it's alright, I'll be fine
Now I'm falling!
It's alright, it's alright, gonna look like I'm flying"
-Reel Big Fish "Til I Hit the Ground" (

Drew something while listening to Reel Big Fish, my go-to 'feel better about myself' band. Though, most ska bands are. Anything from Specials to Clash to Rancid...Anyway seriously I highly recommend ska when you need to feel better. Or need to dance like a fool.
I didn't do much today but for once I'm ok with it. I think I finally made peace with myself concerning a certain someone...And I'm starting to draw again. So that's good, I was getting worried over this artblock. I should've done more but at least I think I may be able to sleep tonight. More than a hour or two, anyway...Yeah, that sounds nice...I hope you all had a good holiday
Nothing Stays the Same... by FaultlineX
Nothing Stays the Same...
"I heard some kids telling me how they lost all the faith in the way
They've been talking world peace now and the wars in the streets
The lines on their faces so deep
A revolution or reach out and touch the day
We're overdue, child, change, now it's time for change
Nothing stays the same, now it's time for change
I feel the future in the hands of our youth will be safe, no more lies
Old tired fools tell our future with tarot cards and lie of crime"
- Mötley Crüe "Time For Change" (

Omg guys I put lyrics from a hair metal band to a drawing of punks sacrifice me to the pit XP No, really, I have such a soft spot for Crüe (probably their badass cover of Anarchy in the UK) and I just wanted to draw my oc brothers Venin (left) and Zarnon (right). I really like how this turned out. Once my computer's fixed I'll scan this pic
You know I really just wish I could sleep. More than a few hours total a night. I wish I could stop overthinking and regretting things, the future scares me and I feel like I've done so much wrong in the past. And when I do fall asleep I end up waking up in the middle of the night frozen in fear, sick with fear, but I can never identify why. Then I stay up for the next few hours scaring myself just for the hell of it. I'm not like that just when I try to sleep, I'm like that all the time, it's just worse at night. I don't have anything happy to think about, when I find something comforting I immediately discredit its value...This tired out of my mind at eight at night shit is ridiculous. Just to fall asleep at ten, wake up at one and never go back to sleep...Just sitting up and telling yourself you're unloved and life is a hell you can never escape...That all you want in life is to make a difference but you know it's a loosing battle...I don't recommend this way of thinking. I'm so sorry I keep posting things lik this, I've just beem so scared andretty much unstable lately...Ignore this stuff, ignore me. It's so much easier that way.
I went to copy three installers from my pc, it crashed and won't reboot. Now I gotta slave the hard disk and reinstall the os. GODDAMNIT.
So back when PCAD visted my school and their rep saw my art they asked me if I am interested in character concept art and similar. This was after we began to discuss their Illustration major. So like...I'm starting to realize that I really love character design. Maybe more than my shockart? My style makes character design really strange, as in, it is not at all "cartoony". Do you guys like it? I really need your honest opinion.
How do I even phrase this...I think I know why I can't get over them. They never gave me a good reason as to why they left. I've tried to respect what they said and how they felt but...Before that night, for what, about a week I noticed them slipping away. I panicked, to be honest the way I acted probably scared them off more. I just want to know the reason they changed, I just want to know what I did to get them to stop saying they'd cuddle with me and warm me up when I was freezing. Why I had to start begging them to say they loved me, and if they realized I told them every night I loved them because I wanted nothing more than to hear them say that one more time. I just want to know what changed, what I did. I can no longer ask them directly, I know they'll never reply, or if they do won't give me a straight answer. I just wish I knew so I might be able to sleep a little better, so I might be able to let this go...(I'm sorry for all these personal posts lately.)
If anyone has skype and wants to message back and forth let me know. I have an essay that I really don't want to work on
Venin Ref WIP by FaultlineX
Venin Ref WIP
Maybe I shouldn't upload a wip pic of a ref? I dunno, I'm really proud of the human design of him. Really proud of my punk trash. (I am a sucker for messy mohawks, don't judge me.)

Venin is my character. Not to be drawn without permission.
Only Fools Get Caught by FaultlineX
Only Fools Get Caught
"If all you ever knew from the day that you were born was to cheat, lie, fight and steal; well you're never gonna break it, if you can't earn it take it, well life don't work that way. 'Cause some people never change, some people fade away, some people break the rules, but only fools get caught" - Booze and Glory "Only Fools Get Caught" (…)

The design idea for the jokers came from the tarot ruling of magician/fool. So have this foolish fox.

Art by me, for a school art project
German auto-tuned pop music, the gummy bear song, and cat videos were all being played...Our teacher doesn't care...Principal walks into the room.
Everyone died of laughter. There was no survivors
So I literally walked into the door of my house to find that my parents have made arrangements to have out one dog put down tonight. I know he should, it's not like it's out of the blue but at least they waited until I got home to at least ask my opinion. You know, if we wanted to bury him ourselves or whatever? No, of course not. MY dog gets put down without me getting notified until after everything is already planned out. Maybe I shouldn't post stuff like this on here...I'm just gonna go curl up in a ball and go numb. If anyone needs me I may not be available tonight. This dog means a lot to me, I'm sure anyone who's owned pets knows how I feel. Hope everyone else is having a better day than I.
Legit conversations with my friend have resulted in, "Don't get knuckle deep in dyed hair on the first date" (dating advice) and "Sleep and Booze" (after asking what's good for a headache). "Be an educated skinhead" may be one of my favorites, with "Just search corgis and be happy dammit" also topping the list.
Okay so legit my dad asked me about the Strike Anywhere patch on my jacket and asked what the arrows meant. I told him it was from the Iron Front, an anti-Nazi party. He then told me I better watch where I wear my jacket, for instance if I go to Harrisburg the nazi skinheads in the prisons will beat the shit out of me.
So I laughed at him and couldn't stop long enough to explain that the majority of skins are anti-Nazi and against racial prejudice. While he continued to tell me how the skinheads are a gang with a white power attitude. Seriously I'm still laughing.

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