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L by FaultlineX
1 of 3 by FaultlineX
Ikari (Pen/Scratchboard) by FaultlineX
This is my most comfortable medium, and I'm still refusing to draw humans. Commissioned art can be used in any way with credit to me.
Yarkko Lines (Muro sketch) by FaultlineX
Hands Project by FaultlineX
Cold Front lines by FaultlineX
Color or black lines, it doesn't matter to me. Again, I'm not good with humans. I will allow you to use the lineart however you like as long as you credit me. I can also make the lineart digital for you at request.
Headshot/Mug (Nonhuman)
Yarkko (Muro Drawing) by FaultlineX
Skechbook Gift for TheBlackKalico by FaultlineX
Faultline by FaultlineX
(Let's test this) I can draw wolves (or any canine-style), birds and dragons comfortably. Things like cats I can at least attempt. Mediums: Pen, Digital (Gimp w/ graphics tablet) [color or grayscale], or grayscale pencil sketches. You are free to use the artwork in anyway as long as I am credited.


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Emma / X
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Collaborations - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Open by SweetDuke Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
Pen and Ink Stamp by MarinaNeira GIMP Stamp by SparkLum Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear
Some of my favorite artists and inspirations are Raymond Pettibon (that guy who did all the Black Flag stuff and the Sonic Youth stuff but has totally better drawing outside of that) and Ed Beard Jr. (that guy is a master of all things fantasy, and I got to meet him and the Dragonlord in person plus I have two signed magic cards illustrated by him.)

Mah Best Mate:

Just As Cool People:
:icontheblackkalico: :iconeternal-glow: :icondyanikennedy73: :iconwhatthecheese: :iconskyeforeveralone: :iconskitty64: :iconstaremprezz: :icon1smoothie7: :iconartluvs:

To do list stamp -comission- by RanStamps
(School) Landscape Chalk Pastel Drawing
(Gift) Zombie Were-Hyena
(Personal) Lynx Flash Sheet
(Personal) Faultline tail-chase Animation
(Personal) Faultline Avatar
(Commission) Dragon [pen]
(Personal) Battle Jacket - GBH Back Patch digital design
(Personal) Human Character Sketches
(Personal) Non-Human Character Sketches
(Gift/Possible Commission) Phoenix Tattoo
(Personal) Chinese Points
(Personal) Loi the Koi
(Personal) Street Rat


Zombie Hyena Gift by FaultlineX
Zombie Hyena Gift
This is a gift for my oi boy :iconyarkkothehyenapunk: because the idea of a zombie hyena was just too damn cool to pass up. Looking back on this, I wish that I would've widened the shoulders and added more flow to he fur on his neck - it's so straight and unnatural and it hurts me on a deep and emotional level.

Time: Three and a half hours
Medium: Pilot G-2 Pen (mah baby) on some undetermined type of paper that my art teacher gave me (shout out to her for letting me use her light box)

This drawing belongs to me but is free to use in any way by Yarkko, as it is his gift. (But boy I swear if you make a joke about getting this as a tattoo I'm flying out there to slap you)
Art Ref by FaultlineX
Art Ref
Just wanted to structure this out before I sketched it
I have two digital drawings overdue that I truly hate (because people are hard to draw.) I also have a chalk pastel piece do for Wednesday. I don't have anything against that one, it just takes awhile to layer up the pastel. But, I also have a Halloween gift for someone that I want to finish and I also want to sketch up some lynxes because damn lynxes are ridiculous. I just have no self-discipline to actually finish any of the drawings.
Even though I am a very confident pen artist, I will not be participating in Inktober. I currently have many drawings to work on and am falling behind on them. The last few days I have been sick, and it is finally starting to clear up. But, it set me far back on some school-related art because I just could not concentrate. (Babysitting/entertaining a hyena every night doesn't help!) As so, any drawings I upload throughout this month done in pen are in NO relation to Inktober. That is all
Not My Acid Trip by FaultlineX
Not My Acid Trip
This is what happens when you let your friends play around with your graphics tablet on GIMP (gradients and posterization, mate).
"That looks like an acid trip"
"Not my acid trip, maybe your acid trip"
"You've done acid?"
"Don't ask that question"
Or something like that. This was sometime last year, and they made me set it as my desktop background on my laptop
Faultline Paper Doll Thingie by FaultlineX
Faultline Paper Doll Thingie
This did not turn out as well as I had hoped but eh...Oh look, giant Yu-Gi-Oh! cards because I'mma big dork
Someone tell me why all your teachers throw projects at you at the same time and why they expect a ton of effort on them. That'd be great. So yeah, I have three projects currently, and two are due tomorrow. I've also been trying to clean up two older XP laptops my dad's friend gave us. The one was really junked up but it has Photoshop Elements 8 on it so I couldn't just reload XP Pro, hence why I spent hours yesterday in Revo Uninstaller deleting a load of crap on it. (It was the laptop of a female college student who apparently needed every toolbar ever made.) So after finishing up in Revo, I ran Glary Utilities, ran Zone Alarm to find two viruses and went back to Glary to disable startup programs. Day two and I am FINALLY running a disk defrag on the C drive (which is only 40 gigs, to date this computer.) BUT it is a XP pro laptop with Photoshop, GIMP and runs my tablet. I may not be done cleaning it up, but you can already notice a MAJOR difference. I haven't gotten to the other laptop, yet...But that one is going to be my dad's, a man who is legitimately running his entire shop off a Windows 98, so the programs he need run on practically nothing, the laptop should just play with it.
A Time For Everything by FaultlineX
A Time For Everything
"Vanity, yes all is vanity. Vanity, yes all is vanity. For one that dies, another's born. Where laughter's heard, comforters mourn. There's a time for everything - A song for love, even abhor. An olive branch, or a Winter's war. There's a time for everything, under the sun." (Extreme's "Rise N Shine")
Joined art club this year, and we're going to be doing a collaboration with people at another school! We don't know who we're matched with yet, but I'm SO excited for this!
Cat Base (Feel Free To Use!) by FaultlineX
Cat Base (Feel Free To Use!)
I drew this out of boredom but if anyone would want to use it, feel free to! Just credit and Link back to me!
Guys I swore to myself that I wouldn't cosplay but I'm definitely planning on cosplaying my Sunset Overdrive OC. I'm ghoing to beat the game and unlock as much as I can but am I the only one who has sunset? I'd love to see other ocs!
Just spend the last two hours helping my dad replace a part on his old dodge van (with over 228 thousand miles, mind you) and I swear evey time that we hit a snag the sun had to rear its ugly head. It was ridiculous, but at least old Greenie's still runnin'. The rust didn't take him yet, and my dad'll be devastated when that thing finally quits. But, considering how long he's been kicking, I don't seem him letting go anytime soon.
Alright, last night I posted about my relationship with my high school anime club I've decided to quit it. I'm gonna try to dedicate myself to art club and my own art, because I hope to make a business out of it.
So, as I've said before I am a rep for my school's anime club. And, I am seriously thinking about quitting even though we are only one meeting in of this school year. Reasons: I was one of the main people who got the club started. I got middle schoolers to sign that theywould want an anime club once they came to the high school. I was the only one to do this, one of the main things a club needs to start. Yet, no one seems to acknowledge or know that I did this. - No one has a say in what happens. They lie to use leaders and ask for our opinion but my voice continues to fall on deaf ears. It has gotten to the point where I fel that I'm bothering everyone every time that I suggest something.  Our club's meetings cycle between watching an anime and learning Japanese culture. It gets old quick. - There is a ton of fighting between all of the main members of club. Quite frankly, I'm about sick of everyone I used fo call my friends.  I won't go into too much details here but understand that it is very bad. --- So, do you guys think that I should try and stay and help fix the club or quit the thing I helped to build? I'm truly torn.

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